Free RP Webinar: Spotlight on Recommended Practice 130R-23: Demonstrating Entitlement to Cumulative Impact Claims in Construction

DATE: 2024. May. 22


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About Recommended Practice 130R-23:

This recommended practice (RP) of AACE International provides guidance on the process to demonstrate entitlement to cumulative impact claims on a construction project when a process for addressing cumulative impact claims is not addressed in the contract terms. This process applies across all common construction contracting strategies or delivery methods if the contract terms do not address any or some aspects of the procedure to address cumulative impact claims.


This RP is intended to provide guidelines (i.e., not be a mandated standard) for a suggested process to use when submitting a contract change order request (COR) or claim associated with cumulative impact and what to look for when defending or analyzing such claims on construction projects. This recommended practice represents the concepts most practitioners consider a good industry practice to use and recommend. This recommended practice is relevant to stakeholders on a construction project, whether owner, designer, contractor, subcontractor, construction manager, or others. Although this recommended practice is written in the context of a contract between an owner and prime contractor, it is applicable to any party contracted to perform work on a project, including contracts between prime contractors and their subcontractors and their suppliers.


About AACE Recommended Practices:

The AACE International Recommended Practices (RPs) are a series of documents that contain valuable reference information that has been subject to a rigorous review process and recommended for use by the Technical Board. RPs are intended to be the main technical foundation of AACE educational, and certification products and services. All RPs are available to AACE members free of charge.


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