RICS and Global Construction Activity / (Survey Deadline: April 19 !! )

DATE: 2023. April 19

* RICS Monitor Repo.


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AACE は、四半期ごとのグローバル・コンストラクション・モニターを、RICS と協力して行っています。 これは、世界の建設会社を対象とした建設調査レポートに基づいています。ダウンロードができます。


AACE is proud to collaborate with RICS on its quarterly Global Construction Monitor. This is based on construction survey report, covering global construction firms.


Deadline: April 19!









AACE is proud to collaborate with RICS on its Global Construction Monitor. Take part in the survey, which only takes 5-10 minutes to complete! You’ll have access to the results in a few short weeks. Access the survey by clicking the button below:










Why participate? Your voice allows RICS and AACE to jointly track and react to the key changes that are impacting the market, informing and influencing discussions with stakeholders on your behalf. The Global Construction Monitor is a leading indicator of the construction and infrastructure markets. See past reports , available with both global data and USA specific.


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