AACE Free Webinar : Planning in Time & Distance: Linear Scheduling Method

DATE: 2024. Mar. 19








Integrating Project Data for Optimized Linear Schedule (LSM) Visualization and Control


19 March at 11:00 AM Eastern (US)


0.1 CEUs


The increased number of infrastructure projects has created a greater focus on using Linear Scheduling Methodology (LSM) to manage and communicate the project plans and complexities. Projects require data from various sources to be integrated to effectively form the plan and schedule. A linear project presents additional challenges in that there are constraints and access considerations, conditions along the length of the project alignment, and production variability. The constraints could include environmental, regulatory, cultural, and seasonal. The consolidation and integration of the data from various sources is required to create a comprehensive view of the project scope, while keeping a clear view of risks and constraints that need to be considered in the development of the plan. Using a linear planning tool that has CPM scheduling capabilities allows for the plan to be optimized and effectively exchanged bi-directionally between planning systems, creating a very effective communication and planning tool for the project team and key stakeholders.



Daniel Cadena, Senior Engineer & LSM Specialist, Petroglyph Projects

Lorne Duncan, CEO, Petroglyph Projects



AACE Host:

Jody MacLeod PSP, VP, Petroglyph Projects



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This webinar is generously sponsored by Petroglyph Projects .














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