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DATE: 2023, December


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Major change to the Certified Cost Professional (CCP) process announced


Starting in the first quarter of 2024, the CCP certification exam will no longer require a technical paper written before taking the examination. Instead, the CCP examination will incorporate a memo scenario within the computer-based examination context, whereby the candidate will write a short business memo to management relating the analysis and recommendation(s) in response to a given scenario. The in-exam memo will be graded as part of the overall pass/fail result of the CCP examination.










Region 2 North East Symposium - Call for Presenters


Last call for the Region 2 Northeast Symposium call for presenters! The call for presenters will close on Friday, 15 December. Complete the form if you are interested in presenting at this outstanding event.








Free Webinar: Navigating the Unpredictable: Mastering Uncertainty in Project Controls


In the constant pursuit of delivering projects on time and under budget, managing uncertainty has grown more challenging. Whether it’s the impact of inflation on costs, potential weather delays, or shifts in materials availability, maintaining the delicate balance of scope, cost and schedule is vital for successful project controls. When one of these factors shifts, the others must adjust accordingly. How can we master this balance?


Join Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer and John Upton, Vice President of Control, at InEight as we explore the tools and techniques that integrate the three key aspects of scope, cost and schedule to optimize project controls, even in the face of the most daunting uncertainties.


Presenters: Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer, InEight

John Upton, Vice President of Control, InEight










Free Webinar: RP Spotlight - RP129R-03 Linear Scheduling Methods


Join AACE as we spotlight Recommended Practice (RP) 129R-03: Linear Scheduling Methods. Project planning and scheduling professionals use a variety of project scheduling methods depending on the type, size, and nature of projects. Linear scheduling methods (LSM) are typically used on projects wherein the majority of the scope is made up of highly repetitive work elements along a horizontal or vertical alignment. Examples of these projects include pipeline, tunnel, airport runway, highway, transmission line, road resurfacing, railroad, or high-rise construction projects. An LSM schedule (also known as a linear schedule, march chart, or time chainage diagram) is the graphical output of the LSM. Linear schedules use velocity diagrams, which are described below, to represent each activity and the progress rate to be achieved (or the progress actually achieved) over time. The schedule format typically provides planned and/or actual production rates on a time-scaled, linear format.


This webinar is generously sponsored by . The webinar will be held on 24 January at 11AM Eastern US. Registration is free, but required.










Meet New Member: McKenna Brown


Read an interview with McKenna Brown, Capital Asset Project Controls Lead for the Capital Line-Item Projects at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, NM.










Meet New Member: Rick Baus


Read an interview with Rick Baus, Construction Specialist at Urban Engineers, Inc. in Philadelphia, PA.










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Top 10 Recordings


Annually, recordings of all the presentations from the Conference & Expo are released. Check out some highly popular presentations from this year. They will not disappoint as they each feature top-notch technical content by globally respected presenters and feature the new picture-in-picture format. You can purchase the sessions individually or as a bundle. (If you attended the conference as a full technical program registrant, you already own the bundle.)receive the full bundle as part of their registration and fees.









Mark your calendars to join us at the 2024 Conference & Expo at the Signia by Hilton Atlanta - June 16-18, 2024.













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