AACE Free Webinar: Connected Data for Smarter Decisions

DATE: 2023. July 25



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Free Webinar is sponsored by INEIGHT, construction management software company. 

It is enhanced that the historical project data becomes a valuable knowledge library where accelerating the productivity of even the newest project team members.


無料ウェビナーは、建設管理ソフトウェア会社 INEIGHT が主催しています。


過去のプロジェクト データが貴重なナレッジ ライブラリになることで、最新のプロジェクト チーム メンバーの生産性も向上します。


Free Webinar - Connected Data for Smarter Decisions: How Difficult Tradeoffs Impact Scope, Cost and Schedule




Join us for the upcoming InEight-sponsored webinar featuring Rick Deans, EVP Industry Engagement, and Jordan Brooks, Product Manager, as they explore how industry leaders are achieving unparalleled levels of visibility, control and collaboration through an integrated project controls platform. Registration is free, but required.

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