A New Year Message from AACEI Directing Board

DATE: 2023. January 5th

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A New Year Message from the Executive Director/CEO






AACE empowers its members to perform with confidence. Together, we make an impact and influence outcomes. That’s .


When I first started at AACE two and a half short years ago, I did a lot of listening. I wanted to find out what made AACE buzz. Initially (and unsurprisingly), I heard a lot about our technical content and certifications – renowned for their quality, rigor, and hallmark status in the industry. Of course! Because this is what we do. But what I really wanted to know was… why do we do it? Why is our value unique from any other organization with similar offerings? It didn’t take long to uncover: our people. AACE is much more than its programs and products, we’re a community.


Focusing on our “why” guides “what” we do and “how” we do it, which creates more sustainable results. And it’s working:


• Membership growth is up 5% over last year, and up 11% over three years

• Corporate membership is up 12% over last year, and up 28% over three years

• International corporate membership is up 49% over last year, and up 40% over three years

• Certification holders are up 4% over last year, and up 22% over three years

• Social media engagement is up 30% over last year, and up 85% over three years


Guided by a new strategic plan, the Board of Directors, headquarters staff, and our amazing volunteers are committed to AACE’s mission. We’re driven to help members do better and be better. In 2022, our has grown with an expanded number of published and updated RPs. Participation in online education is rising. The in-person resumed last year with attendance at pre-pandemic levels. And the incorporation of the is a major step in validating the program’s accredited status and excellence.


There are exciting things ahead in 2023. We’re rolling out the Section Modernization Plan to prioritize member engagement and investing in new technology at headquarters, which will provide staff, members, and customers with a superior experience. The Board is prioritizing DEI research with a commitment to address outcomes. We also have plans to reimagine the scholarship program, develop career path guidance, and explore new industry sectors.


On behalf of , the , and the thank you for your continued support. As a member of the AACE community, you demonstrate a commitment to yourself and the profession. Happy New Year!





Debra L. Lally, CAE

Executive Director / CEO

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