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(Risk Topics) New RP for Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) 

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Professional Guidance Document No. 02







This recommended practice (RP) of AACE International (AACE) defines a quantitative risk analysis (QRA) maturity model (QRAMM) for assessing the level of capability for quantifying the uncertainty and risks associated with projects, programs, and portfolios within the risk management (RM) function of a capital investment or project management organization.







This recommended practice (RP) defines general practices and considerations for inherent cost risk analysis and estimating contingency using a cost estimate ranging analysis with the Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) method.



Available Study Materials






Access our 2022 Collection of Conference Recordings and view 78 sessions (0.1 CEUs available for each) from AACE's 2022 Conference & Expo. FREE for registered attendees.







Available on demand, this innovative self-paced course uses AACE’s trusted body of knowledge as its primary source material.


This course is based on CCP exam competencies as outlined in Recommended Practice 11R-88: Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering.





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AACE’s Executive Director/CEO shares why we need to meet people where they’re at and how that doesn’t change based on where our desks happen to be. Because when you put the people first, results will follow.








Change is hard. Humans are habit-forming creatures such that when we are comfortable, we like to stay where we are. The same goes for our careers: once we are established in a company, well recognized by our peers, get paid well, or have become the experts in our field, taking a leap of faith and do something different is not an easy feat.






Mr. Cressman joined AACE in 1982. He has served on Section Boards, as well as the AACE Board of Directors. He obtained the CCE in 1982 and the EVP in 2012. He has served as the Vice President of TEC, as well as a local section president, VP, and treasurer. Mr. Cressman was the initial sponsor of the Rising Professionals Committee. He is currently a member of the Education Board.


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