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DATE: 2022. May 25 



AACEデシジョン&リスクマネジメント委員会は、意思決定およびリスクマネジメント・プロフェッショナル(DRMP)認定を開発するプロジェクトを開始して、2007年にRPシリーズの計画を開始した。PGD-02:GUIDE TO QUANTITATIVE RISK ANALYSISとしてまとめ、その手法を紹介する。


The AACE Decision and Risk Management Subcommittee began planning an RP series in 2007 with the initiation of a project to develop the Decision and Risk Management Professional (DRMP) certification. An early challenge the team of subject matter experts (SMEs) faced was which of the existing QRA methods to recommend. QRA is an evolving field of practice and not settled science. The approach selected was to first establish the principles that any recommended practice should follow (re: RP 40R-08). Then each candidate method was compared to how well it met the principles. Only a limited set of methods met the criteria.

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About this Professional Guidance Document:

QRA covers a broad set of practices used primarily to quantify uncertainty and risks in a way that supports asset planning and investment, decision analysis, change management decisions, and cost and schedule contingency, reserves, escalation, and other phased project funding and control basis determinations.


This PGD covers fundamental QRA recommended practices, such as for selecting probability density functions as well as highlighting key QRA terms as defined in AACE RP 10S-90, Cost Engineering Terminology.