AACE日本支部定例会日程・Regular Meeting Schedule   (AGM=Annual General Meeting・年次総会)

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DATE Jan 20 Mar 09 Apr 20 May 25 Jul 18 Aug 24 Oct 05 Nov 30 Jan 18 Mar 07
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AACE日本支部 定例会・総会






AACE Japan Section Regular Meeting and Annual General Meeting

The regular meeting of the AACE Japan Section is held eight times a year in Tokyo.

Each committee and activity are confirmed, and topics are provided by members who are active in various specialized fields of cost engineering.


Every March, we hold a annual general meeting of the AACE Japan Section and exchange  and share opinion in collaboration with members of the Kansai Group, which are based in Kansai Area.




* Please contact, if you need meeting agenda, records, etc.